Rediscover the depths of the Haindl Tarot

    New Insight on a Classic Tarot

    Hermann Haindl was a well-known German artist, stage manager, and environmentalist. Thrust upon the Russian front as a teenage soldier, meant to die as mere cannon fodder in WWII, he saw and suffered unspeakable horrors. When his life was miraculously saved by a Russian Jewish officer, he was taken prisoner and so survived.


    Returning to Germany, he spent decades involved in art, theater and spirituality to heal himself from his PTSD. He traveled the world to experience a variety of spiritual practices directly. His immersion in these lead him to become one of Germany's key environmentalists.


    When he became interested in tarot, Haindl drew upon his own fantasy art, the I Ching, Native American teachings he had learned first-hand from respected sages, Hindu wisdom he had studied in India, and kabbalah he had experienced in Israel – all to create his outstanding deck.


    His amazing tarot has for decades been favored by professional Tarotists. Rachel Pollack wrote two books about this deck. But since Haindl's 2013 death the deck has fallen a bit by the wayside. I had the privilege to play a small part aimed at bringing new insight to the wonder of Haindl's work, a lavish book filled with art and essays by those who knew Haindl throughout his life.


    This full color coffee-table book in German and English contains a deep dive into Haindl's cards along with meanings by Rachel Pollack. It's a work of art in and of itself. Order on Amazon.


    Want a taste? Download here. No serious tarot lover will want to be without this book or the Haindl deck.



    Fall into enchantment with the Kipper cards

    Kipper Videos on Youtube

    10-1/2 hours of Kipper video up now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on Facebook or by email. If you email, please put Kipper in the subject line to ensure I don't miss it. Thanks for all the support & appreciation.


    Let's connect you to yourself. No superstition or prediction fiction.
    We'll talk about cards while you create your own future.


    We can also arrange to meet for parties & events.

    30/60/90 Minutes - Personal Cardwork

    Mission: Explore Your Issue with Tarot, Lenormand or Kipper

    By appointment only: face-to-face, and via Skype or Google


    We're going to:

    • look at cards,
    • talk about cards,
    • consider the now,
    • practice the highest standards of professional etiquette & confidentiality,  
    • ask action-oriented questions about yourself, not others.

    If you're unsure about a question, we'll refine your draft query together. A well-formulated question is the key to success.


    Why? It's the best path to discovering an answer you can own, which will therefore be your truth. That why there's no shame, no blame, no judgement - just presence and self-connection.


    How to make an appointment?


    Two ways - you request a time or self-schedule!

    How to request a time:

    1. Complete my Wufoo personal info form. Don't worry: it's confidential.
    2. Look for your confirmation email from the Wufoo form. Be sure to check your spam folder too!
    3. Wufoo will alert me to your request. I'll try to get back to you as soon as is reasonable. Please take any time zone differences, major holidays, and my prior commitments into account.
    4. Once we've agreed upon an appointment, use the Paypal button below. All sittings must be pre-paid at least 24 hours in advance. Unpaid appointments will be cancelled. No exceptions, sorry.

    How to self-schedule:

    1. Use my Acuity scheduling page. You may schedule appointments between 24 hours and up to 30 days in advance.
    2. Acuity will ask for name, phone and other information. Please be sure to note your question in the form & whether you need a Skype, Webex or in-person reading. 
    3. Acuity will take you to my Paypal page for advance payment. All sittings must be pre-paid at least 24 hours in advance. Unpaid appointments will be cancfelled. No exceptions, sorry.

    What We Won't Do

    • Cards aren't appropriate tools for everyone at all times. I reserve the right to refuse appointments and compassionately offer referrals to other consultants, such as internists, psychologists or licensed therapists.
    • We won't "predict the future" - for you or anyone else.
    • We won't  get caught in a relationship based on unhealthy or unethical power dynamics.

    Your Private Event Time - Group

    Mission: Delight Guests & Attendees

    By special arrangement only in your space


    Cards enliven every event. Make yours memorable with a light-hearted but meaningful card experience.



    For a set minimum pre-paid fee, in your appropriate and respectful space, we can delight your guests & attendees with fun cardwork. Use the easy Wufoo group info form to inquire & schedule. We will arrange payment via Paypal.


    I look forward to joining your event.











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    My favorite things are cards, coffee and vintage eyeglasses. Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, German playing cards - I love them all. Besides my current practice working with clients like you, this led to editorial work with a major tarot publisher.

    Recently I've been drinking a lot of lovely berry-basket coffees from Ethiopia while listening to SOMA.fm's Lush radio. My husband & I reside in Europe. We love to travel! Let's you and I make an appointment to talk about all your journeys ...over cards.


    Don't hesitate to contact me about how and when we could work together, be it in person or over Skype.


     It's more about with whom we could be talking
    than what others think of us.

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    Camelia Elias, Taroflexions

    fortune buchholtz lenormand endorsement


    The Not Fortune's Fool card experience NOW GLOBAL

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